Association for Community Building through Equal Opportunities and Health

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Research. The members of the association hold expertise in the qualitative and quantitative social research in the fields of health, equal opportunities, gender studies and organisations. They participated in national and international projects and published in international journals. The research interests are:

  • Community participation in health

  • Health policies

  • Social and professional integration of people with chronic conditions and other vulnerable categories

  • Cancer survivorship

  • Equal opportunities for people with different gender, ethnicity, religious or political affiliation

  • Training and professional orientation and rehabilitation

  • Diagnosis and organizational intervention

  • Leadership in organizations

Advocacy. ACCESS aims to organise education campaigns for raising awareness on health and equal opportunities issues.

Consultancy. ACCESS offers consultancy to governmental and non-governmental organizations, public or private, as well as to companies inside the expertise areas of the association. The association also offers consultancy for research methodology.

Training. ACCESS provides training services related to health and equal opportunities in organizations, as well as vocational counselling, training and coaching for leadership skills.