Association for Community Building through Equal Opportunities and Health

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The Association for Community Building through Equal Opportunities and Health (ACCESS) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, established in 2015. Its mission aims at building and developing a stronger local community through the implication of its members on programmes related to health and equal opportunities. We think that most of the current challenges that confront the Romanian communities in the field of health and equal opportunities may be addressed not only by the government or experts but also through the participation of the people, local groups and organizations within the community. Every gesture of solidarity and involvement is important for solving the problems related to health and equal opportunities!



Our objectives target the health and equal opportunities areas with the broader goal of increasing the civic participation, the solidarity and social responsibility within the local community.

Some of our objectives are:

  1. Raising the level of information and education of the community members regarding the health issues.

  2. Advocacy for facilitating the social and professional integration of people with chronic conditions.

  3. Fighting against exploitation and social inequalities based on criteria such as gender, ethnicity, age, religion etc.

  4. Reducing the gender inequalities for accessing the labour market and for retribution and promotion.

  5. Professional training and rehabilitation for vulnerable people (disabled, chronically ill, older people) who face difficulties in finding or maintaining a job.

  6. Providing training and consultancy services as well as interventions to the local organisations, in the fields of health and equal opportunities.